F.L.S. Programs

Programs Overview

Follow. Lead. Succeed. (F.L.S.) focal service is DIVERSION– which is directly connected with the need for life-long support:

Prevention Mentorship | Child Advocacy | Truancy | Juv. Probation

F.L.S. practices vary in terms of the youth, teen & family circumstance, contact point at which the teen is diverted, and the types of services provided. Teens may be diverted prior to juvenile offenses and court proceedings, during court intake, even after adjudication. F.L.S. is a program that strives to assist youth, teens and young adults in becoming productive, law-abiding citizens, in an effort to prevent their further penetration into the system.

F.L.S. Diversion Program may include, but not limited to:

Comprehensive Life-Coaching / Mentoring Sessions
Academic/Career Exploration- College & Workforce Readiness
Community Service and Engagement Opportunities
Parent Education Workshops

“AEYL is the #1 renowned juvenile diversion program for teens within Collin County that have gone down or headed down the wrong path. There are other agencies that are established as a ‘diversion’ program, but none that takes on the challenges of these kind. The Follow. Lead. Succeed. Program is doing great things to give the young generation an eye-opener to succeeding in life.” – Anonymous