F.L.S. Programs

Programs Overview

Child Advocacy– overall objective to represent and give a voice to an individual or group whose concerns and interests are not being recognized. F.L.S. also seeks to ensure that children have access to positive influences or services which will benefit their lives such as mentoring, education, social outreach, community service to instill inclusion of society.

Truancy Guidance– support approach to reduce –to- prevent the truancy rate comprises of gaining a constructive relationship with the child & parent to begin the process of evolving leadership characteristics, enhance self-esteem, develop positive life skills, and encourage school academics.

Parent Education– designed to provide parents a comprehensive education series of interactive engagement. ‘Real-world’ education and practices are joined with philosophy and study so that parents leave with concepts and the confidence to make them more effective in their homes and communities.

Juvenile Diversion– to redirect youth, teens and young adults from the correctional / justice system, while still holding them accountable for their actions; transforming from making wrong decisions and transposing into an honorable future leader by learning accountability, integrity, develop skills, and serve others. These practices will enable improvement within themselves, their families and communities; enabling positive impact in society on a greater scale. It is an overall goal to prevent offenses and reduce recidivism.