AEYL Mission

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The mission of A.E.Y.L. is dedicated to the development of diverse youth, teens and young adults; especially within low-to-moderate geographic areas through leadership mentoring, educational guidance, and community service; to cultivate life’s perspectives and the importance of a stable community.

Keeping the mind, body and soul of the youth and teens positively engaged; is the best way to moderate negative energy tendencies. We have a confident perspective of venturing into new endeavors to expand the interest of our organization; diligently cultivating our programs to benefit youth and teens in our communities.

Our Philosophy

“Everyone is not born to LEAD, so we, collectively, must mold our youth, teens and young adults; giving them a real-life example to FOLLOW, so that one day, they can LEAD and SUCCEED as a valuable asset to their Home, School and Community.”
Derrick M. Robinson, Founder & Executive Director
Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership – Follow. Lead. Succeed.

The Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership is a 501(c)3 charity non-profit. Your donations are tax deductible, please check with your tax professional for IRS allowable amounts, limitations, and conditions.