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The Role of the Volunteer

The meaning of a good volunteer is actually very simple. It is people who are willing to work and are always welcome to bring additional value to an organization’s work. Thus, everyone who considers volunteering as a comfortable vacation is wrong. It is almost a second full-time job. Indeed, the perfect volunteers are found amongst people who understand the significance of the ‘work’ being done. Thereby the volunteers are able to generate ideas, take responsibility, and stimulate creativity. These qualities are significant at both the national and local level.

The organization gets extra hands. The volunteer gets a realistic insight into things and a chance to do, try and prove himself. It is a bilateral agreement, and both sides hope that the goals will be achieved in the best possible way. It clearly shows the dedication of the volunteers.

Get Involved and Change a life as an AEYL Volunteer. The youth of our area and our nation need your. Download the Volunteer Application!

Get Involved, Change a Life.