Core ‘4’ Programs Overview

Core '4' Programs

Mentoring / Leadership - iLEAD

In order to LEAD, you must learn to follow leadership mannerisms; iLEAD is A.E.Y.L.’s youth and teen leadership mentoring program that offers guidance and motivation to be the BEST individual possible to triumph. A.E.Y.L. connects mentors, youth and teens to encourage academic success, reduce absenteeism and delinquency, and instill a desire to prepare for success. To accomplish our many goals, young men and women will work directly with adults who will serve as positive role models and credible messengers; achieving life skills, practicing balance and boundaries, time management, good study habits, strong communication, positive peer relationships, and respect for self and others.

Weekly Mentoring Sessions for Young Men and Young Ladies

Mondays @ 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Salvation Army McKinney 600 Wilson Creek Parkway McKinney, Texas 75069


Through formal and informal classroom training, A.E.Y.L. offers youth and teens education guidance and set emphasis on the importance of education, stability in careers, and financial management. Scholars are offered various free, online college & scholarship search resource for first-generation and underrepresented college-bound students. We acknowledge that not all individuals are alike; having innumerable plans for the future. Therefore, students are accommodated through the partnerships of technical and trade institutions to allow us to provide an alternative opportunity.

C.R.A.M. Sessions – (Cultivated Results through Academic Mastery) held from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm every last Saturday of  the month; an initiative to support the advancement of academic development within a 2-hour study session to ‘make-up’ or  ‘get ahead’ in subject areas.


Sports outreach is our way of connecting with other youth organizations, programs and communities. It is also a way for the youth to develop social competency, teamwork and leadership skills; as well as evolve personal ethics. Recreational sports teams are formed for youth members that do not make the school team. Often, developments of low self-esteem occur in these situations. Our programs are implemented to help build confidence and conditioning so that they are comfortable to continue to strive for the goal they choose to achieve.

Community Service

Participating in community service projects and events; expanding perceptions of living; builds a sense of appreciation living conditions outside of their own. Leadership, life skills, and team work are a few traits that are learned through experience. Through community service, the youth becomes more productive citizens who will be able and willing to give back to their community, actively develop healthier lifestyles and gain versatility.

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